About Us  

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Who We Are

We’re a bunch of food-obsessed number crunchers on a mission to make restaurants run efficiently and accurately. We cook with gas – our calculators are always on fire. Our team has decades of experience in the hospitality industry (not just the back office, either). This means, not only do we have a great deal of passion for the industry, we understand the challenges, demands and changing needs that come along with operating a restaurant. Our experience is varied, with members of our team having worked with brands like Outback Steakhouse, Jim ‘N Nicks and leading accounting firms like Deloitte.

What We Do 

Simple. We help you grow. We know that accounting can easily fall to the side while other more immediate issues can keep you from doing the back office work that you know is important but is so often neglected.

Or maybe you’ve grown your business to the point where outsourcing your accounting simply makes the most business sense. Either way, whether you’re a small, growing restaurant or a nationwide multi-unit chain, our accounting skills can allow you to allocate your resources to what you love – running a restaurant.

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Ready to go?